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On the Treasure Coast we provide superior tile restoration in Stuart, Hobe Sound, Palm City, Port St. Lucie, Tradition, Hutchinson Island, Ft Pierce, Vero Beach , and Sebastian. On the Space Coast we also provide top notch tile restoration in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Melbourne Beach, Viera, Rockledge, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, and Titusville. So if you are searching tile cleaning port St Lucie or professional tile cleaning Melbourne FL, we can help! Call today for a free estimate.

Tile Cleaning Port St Lucie Locals Prefer

Why is my floor loose, hollow, buckling?

tile cleaning port st. lucie

With over 2 decades of experience we are the best place to have your questions answered and issues resolved. We have become the top company for tile and grout cleaning Port St Lucie prefers. Several variables can contribute to the problem that you are having, here are a few:

  • Settling of the house or hydro-static pressure (which can occur even 10 or 20 years after the house was built-from severe saturation of the soil or expansion and contraction of the foundation)
  • Weather fluctuations from hot to cold caused by typical Florida rain storms.
  • Improper cleaning of the slab prior to installation.
  • Not spreading enough thin set (or mortar) while setting the tile.
  • Using wrong sized notched trowels during installation.
  • Overspraying from painters on the foundation.
  • Wicker paper not properly installed.
  • Cork underlayment not properly adhered to the floor.

Although there are a lot of possible causes, 98% of ALL tile problems can be rectified and the cost, hassle, and mess of full tile replacement can be avoided. Every tile on the floor varies in the amount of hollowness. Some just have a small pocket of hollow, others are entirely hollow. No matter the case, if you want to avoid checking a tile store in Port St Lucie to get new tiles, you have found the right company. We are the best for any issues on your tile Port St. Lucie has to offer.

The settling of the property, improper installation or simply age can cause your tile to chip, break, or discolor. Having a professional repair this damage can make your tile look like new again and save you money on replacing your entire tile floor. We can also perform a grout color sealer on your existing grout that will protect it from ANY future stains and keep it looking brand new! Contact us today and enjoy top quality tile cleaning PSL prefers.

Shower Repair & Re-Grout

How long do I need to wait before using my shower after re-grouting?

Based on grout manufacturer guidelines you should allow the grout to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before use of your beautiful new shower. Whether it’s floors, walls or showers, if tile is involved, we are your local tile cleaning Port St Lucie company and are ready to help, contact us for a free estimate and work with the best tile cleaner Port Saint Lucie locals trust.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Port Saint Lucie Fl Loves

How often do you have to clean the grout once restored?

Experts agree, you should clean your floor at least once a week using a mild, ph neutral floor cleaning solution. When cleaning the floor, it’s important to change your mop water frequently.

As your experts for grout cleaning in Port St Lucie, we recommend not using acidic cleaners. Bleach or vinegar solutions are not healthy for grout surfaces & can erode your sealer over time.

For all your questions on tile flooring in Port St Lucie, give us a call, we strive to remain the best Tile cleaner Port St Lucie has to offer and we can’t wait to assist you.

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