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"What causes my natural stone tile to become stained so easily?"

Natural stone tiles have been a popular choice for centuries, gracing floors, walls, and countertops with their timeless beauty. However, natural stone tiles are inherently porous, which means they have small openings or voids that can absorb liquids, oils and dirt. Rendering your tiled surface susceptible to noticeable traffic patterns and staining. Different types of natural stone have varying mineral compositions, which can influence their porosity. For example: tumbled stone, limestone and travertine are known for their high porosity because they primarily consist of calcium carbonate. To mitigate the porosity of natural stone tiles and protect them from staining and moisture damage, it is important to apply a sealant. Our Sealants are impregnating which means that it absorbs into the surface of the stone creating a protective barrier therefore protecting your stone from absorbing liquids, oils and dirt.

"What is the difference between “Wet Look” and “Natural Look” sealers?"

"How is the sealer applied?"

Initially, we perform an intensive cleaning of your tile and grout using a high-speed, yet gentle scrubbing machine that simultaneously removes dirt. After ensuring your stone tile and grout are thoroughly dried, we conclude the process by applying either “Wet Look” or “Natural Look” stone sealer (Of your choosing). Depending on the size of the surface for the project, sealer will be applied by brush or rolled on with a roller. It’s worth noting that our sealer is non-toxic, water-based, and entirely safe for both families and pets.

"How long does the sealer take to dry?"

You can safely walk on the floor approximately one hour after the sealant has been applied. However, it will require a full 24 hours to completely cure, at which point it will have achieved its maximum repellent capabilities.

"How frequently should you renew the stone's sealant following the initial application? "

Both the natural and wet-look finishes are anticipated to endure for a minimum of three years, especially in indoor environments shielded from outdoor elements. Nevertheless, it is crucial to utilize pH-neutral cleaners for surface cleaning and to thoroughly dry the floor after each cleaning session. You can confirm the continued effectiveness of your sealer by conducting a water test on the surface. If the sealer is still actively repelling water, it should cause water to bead and remain on the surface.